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The GOAT Loop

The GOAT Loop

Come and enjoy Otago Harbour on an E-bike. An easy 2 1/2 hour ride on paved track.

Get a coffee, take some pictures, all at a pace that will get you around the Harbour with time to spare.

Quality Bosch powered e-bikes with the assurance of support if needed.

Each bike comes with a helmet, lock, double walled drink bottle, map and sunscreen supplied.


					 	      How To Book

How To Book

If you're visiting Dunedin on a cruise ship, you can either book now or talk to the lovely i-site staff at the cruise ship Terminal.

We are at 45 George Street, Port Chalmers, in the gorgeous Art Deco Pioneer Hall.  Come and have a look at our KTM E-bikes and make a decision then.

We also have some hire bikes at, 249 Cumberland St and the team there are also happy to help you out.

Beat the bus with us.

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